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Waterfront Specialties, Inc.


ABOUT US:  Waterfront Specialties Inc. is our construction services business. We were incorporated as Braddock Bay Marina, Inc. (BBM) in 1981.

HISTORY AND COMPLETED PROJECTS (Braddock Bay):  As Braddock Bay Marina, Inc. (BBM) we constructed that facility in 1981 by installing 365 wooden dock slips supported by over 3,000 driven steel pilings, 600’ of steel sheet pile, a launch ramp, 6,000 square foot of buildings. As BBM we dredged the navigation channel to Lake Ontario five times using both hydraulic dredges and barge mounted excavator. BBM executed numerous construction projects for local government entities, other marinas, and homeowners including: docks, piers, seawalls, and dredging projects up to 16,000 cubic yards.  BBM’s sister company, Portside Wharf and Dockage Company Inc. installed and operated 150 slips on the Genesee River for almost 20 years which was rebuilt in 2006 as River Street Marine.

HISTORY AND COMPLETED PROJECTS - (Genesee River):  Gibbs acquired Genesee Marina Inc. which was also known as Riverview Yacht Basin, in 2005.  This company has dredged its own facility and also provided dredging services to the US Coast Guard and other local marinas. We routinely remove and replace pilings, build dock piers, install seawalls, install launch ramps, and complete minor improvement projects. 

Our cleanup project of Genesee Marina removed over 130 forty cubic yard containers of debris, over 100 derelict boats, 5 buildings, and upgraded 33 electric distribution panels providing over 200 individual feeds.  We routinely assist vessels docking in the harbor and provide support assistance to contractors executing construction projects locally. 

EQUIPMENT -   Genesee Marina has 22 acres of upland and a staging area for marine construction work with a materials yard off a navigation channel maintained to a 20’ depth.  The company owns 4 dumping scows, six twin engine diesel push/towboats, a spud barge, a 35 ton excavator with 60’ reach, a PC228 Excavator, a 30 ton crane, and various pieces of land based construction support equipment.

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